Solo Exhibitions

2021 (Upcoming) Variations - The Gallery, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

2017   Macchia- Golberg Galerie, Müllerstraße, Munich

2017   Origins – Pallas Projects,The Coombe, Dublin 8

2015   Holy Mountain – Backloft Gallery, St. Augustine St, Dublin

2006  Behind the Eyes – Pratt Gallery – 144 West 14th St, New York

 Selected Exhibitions 

2021 (upcoming) Art Up - Lille, France

2021 'Loud' Exhibition – Lafayette Gallery , Dubai, U.A.E

2020 Surveyor Exhibition– Solstice Art Centre, Navan, Ireland

2020 Westival 2020, Westport, Ireland 

2020 JournALL - Virtual exhibition  - Curated by Valeria Ceregini 

2019  Untitled- Belvedere Gallery – Beirut, Lebanon

2018  Scope Art Show – 312 West 33rd Street, New York

2018  Quadrafuss – Gallery 66, San Fidel, New Mexico

2017​ ​ ​Candy Castle – Fort Works Art, Fort Worth, Texas

2017​ ​ ​Start 17 – Goldberg gallery, Munich

2017​ ​ ​Tara X Iverna – The Tara Building Gallery, Dublin

2017  Pop Journey –  Lilac Gallery, New York

2016  The Tibet Fund 7th Annual Gala –  Le Bernardin Privé, New York

2016  Affordable Art Fair– The Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, NY

2016  PP/S 20 Benefit Auction– City Assembly House, Dublin

2016  Ephemeral – Guy Hepner, New York

2016  9 Grams – Fort Works Art, Fort Worth, Texas

2016   Art Hamptons –  Bridgehampton, NY

2016   Acrylic Melody II – Kuumba Vlaams, Brussels

2016   The Big Dance – Viaduct Gallery, Des Moines, IA

2016   Acrylic Melody – Maison Burganov, Brussels

2016   A Touch of Blue – Arc Gallery, Chicago, IL

2016   Quadratfuss – NX², Berlin

2016   Interdisciplinary –  Washington Street Gallery, Somerville, MA

2015   Retrospective exhibition – Backloft Gallery, Dublin

2015   Sweet Tooth –The New Bohemian Gallery, MN

2015   Motley – Hive Emerging, Waterford, Ireland

2015   Creativity – Art Baza, Sergiyev Posad, Moscow

2015   Saw Dust – The MART, Rathmines, Dublin

2015   Here ‘n’ Now – Greenacres, Wexford, Ireland

2015   Surveyor Exhibition– Solstice Art Centre, Navan, Ireland

2015   Grogans ongoing exhibition – South William Street, Dublin

2012   Graduate Exhibition –NCAD, Thomas St, Dublin

2009  Achieving Art Exhibition –The Bernard Shaw, Dublin

2005  Dualism in America –Tenement Museum – New York


2021  (upcoming) Guest Residency – Gallery 66, New Mexico

2021  (upcoming) Studio Residency – Bourgogne, France

2021   Forest studio residency - Sligo, Ireland

2019   Research residency – La Tambouille, Nézel, France

2017   Guest Residency  –  Atelierhaus– Munich, Germany

2015   Guest Residency – Art Baza, Sergiyev Posad, Moscow, Russia

2015   Project 2 residency  – MART – Rathmines, Dublin 6


2021 Artist development grant – Meath County Council / Creative Ireland

2020 Artist development grant – Meath County Council 

2019  Artist development grant – Meath County Council 

2015  6th Artslant Showcase winner – Contemporary art network

2015   Artist Project Initiative – Finalist for 2015 award

2015   Colourful Abstractions – Fusion Art – work selected for online juried exhibition


2021 Harpers Bazaar Arabia - Exhibition feature

2021 Special Arabia - Exhibition feature

2021  Artist Spotlight Interview - Images and video interview published online

2020 Artists in Lockdown - Interview and images published online

2020 MSN In The Know - Video feature on Microsoft Network

2020 Pandemic Portraits - Image and interview published online

2020 JournALL Art Programme - Images and interview featured 

2017  Create Magazine – Issue V – Images featured

2017  Average Art Magazine – Images featured 

2017  Assintecal magazine – Image featured

2016  This Greedy Pig – Interview and images featured

2016  Artist Portfolio Magazine – Images and bio published

2016   Imago Mundi – inclusion in book and exhibition

2016  Vulture Magazine – interview / video published online

2016  Vice – The Creators Project (Mexico) – Images and article

2016   Palaver Journal – image published – Spring Issue

2016   Fresh Paint Magazine – Tips and advice published – Issue 11

2015   Fresh Paint Magazine – Images published – Issue 10

2015   Dublin Inquirer – Image and interview published –16th Dec.

2015   L.A. Eyeworks- Artistic collaboration with Josef Jasso 

2015   Forward (Russian Newspaper) – Interview– 29th Oct.

2015    Art Reveal Magazine – Interview and images published – Issue 7

2008  Building Brunelleschi’s Dome – Illustrations – Construction History Journal, V 23


Derick Smith began exploring sculpture and painting in NCAD (2011). Solo shows followed in Dublin (2015 and 2017) and one in Munich (2017) and inclusion in many group exhibitions worldwide (2015- present) His work was acquired by the O.P.W in 2018 and held in private collections in France, Germany, Japan, U.S.A , U.A.E and the U.K. He has been the grateful recipient of both grant awards and artist residencies

Artist Statement

You find yourself in a city unknown. All of the street signs, shopfronts and billboards display a language which you do not speak, nor recognise, and yet your attention is still called to attend, to participate, to engage. These signs and symbols are delivered through ever more sophisticated means as no part of the visual field, the watched screen, is off limits. Seemingly in a passive manner, over time, you learn this language through constant unavoidable exposure and soon you forget those other possible meanings or indeed the time when you were  free to find your own

The core of my practice presents and arranges particular ‘art’ materials as a means of creating analogical models or investigations into ideas of meaning-making within contemporary global society. Although presented as paintings, much of the work is sculptural in nature and pushes boundaries between static and dynamic by exploring the edges of wet and dry materials and indeed the common associations of the materials themselves. The tone is playful, rather than austere, as a means of engaging through an element of intrigue or surprise  


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