Recent Paintings



My name is Derick Smith and I am reaching out to present my work for possible collaboration. I have been exhibiting internationally for 10 years and my work is collected widely in the US, Europe and more recently the Middle East. I am seeking opportunities to connect with new audiences and collectors. Within my work I favour deep sculptural shadows and bright bold colours used in a playful and subversive way. Included are examples of some 2021 pieces.

The appeal of my work is wide ranging and can be seen in the home of Hollywood actress Jamie Clayton


Featured as part of a publicity campaign from Iconic brand L.A. Eyeworks

LA Eyeworks.JPG

Adorns the wall of influential interior US designer / stylist Jewel Marlowe

Jewel Marlowe.JPG

I also have many collectors and fans in the fashion industry such as New York handbag designer Rafè Totengco

Rafe New York.JPG

Also in New York, Colour enthusiast and avant-garde designer Christopher John Rogers


Closer to home in Europe, the Spanish artist and fashion designer Miranda Makaroff


And cutting edge fashion house Fydor Golan

Fydor Golan.JPG

The core of my work is the search for simplicity and elegance through natural line and form while often using bright uplifting colour combinations. I draw most readily from nature and natural energy and enjoy working with base materials such as canvas and paint and continue to refine my work through lots trial and error. I have built up my practice based on research, innovation and authenticity and this, I believe, is what attracts such a wide ranging audience. If you would like a virtual tour of my studio or the opportunity to chat further, please drop me a line