Pictured here is an image of the first student visit to my studio space by the transition year pupils from St Ciarans community school. After a question and answer session I hosted an experimental painting workshop in their art room. Many more of such collaborations planned for the coming year including an exhibition of final works.

Revealing the album artwork in Hot Press Magazine for HamsandwicH which I was commissioned to create in December. Full article here

My work will be debuted alongside that of Spanish artist Xavi Garcia in Ki Galerie, Paris. Details below:

Champagne, DJ Set and Works of art are on the program of the Ki Galerie Wednesday, June 29, from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. The gallery honours the work of two artists on the rise in the art market: Derick Smith ( Ireland ) and Xavi Garcia ( Spain ). All punctuated by an electro lounge DJ set. Ki Gallery - 127 rue Jeanne d'Arc, PARIS 75013 Please confirm your presence by return email before Tuesday, June 28 at